My self

Marley is a naturalist, an educator, and an artist. He longs for a reintegration of art with science and words with images, a synthesis that he develops in his journals. Journaling became a fundamental practice for Marley even before he discovered how it could synthesize his interests and  accelerate his learning. As an educator, Marley is constantly sharing, inspiring, and provoking learning in nature and on paper.

My current dream project: To travel to the most biodiverse parts of the planet creating books that hybridize elements of a travel journal, a field guide, and a graphic novel into a compelling whole. These visual-verbal narratives would document my experience of the cultural and environmental beauty and conflict of our times.


Nature Journaling in the Serengeti

Nature Journaling in California

Botanizing and nature journaling in the Ecuadorean Amazon


“If you do not rest upon the good foundation of nature, you will labor with little honor and less profit.”

Leonardo da Vinci