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Children’s Books

I’m currently working on a series of children’s books about tracking and nature connection. The first book, Every Track Tells a Story, will be available for sale soon through my website, Blurb, and Amazon.

Every Track Tells a Story 28final_color

Do you want to get closer to the lives of animals?
Do you want to read the secret stories written all around you?

Join in on a learning adventure with a curious girl and her grandfather as they unlock the language of tracking. With this language the girl is finally able to find the answers to some of her deepest  questions about nature.


Travel Journals

The pages of my journal are probably the most personal and passionate expression of who I am. For me, a journal is about observation, it is about learning, and it is about practice.

Ironically, the focus on process over product often yields a final result that is quite pleasing. And regardless of the result learning and evolution are taking place.

My journaling is one of the threads that runs longest through the course of my life and has remained a core part of who I am and the life I live. In many ways these pages are the truest and most compelling art form I have.

On the limited occasions CCF19012016_2where I have shared glimpses of my journals with others they have often expressed interest. It is with this recognition that I plan on compiling excerpts and doing limited printing of these pages in a magazine type format.

These will be available for purchase through my website, Blurb, and Amazon. I will also set up a patron-based support system through Patreon where supporters get special access and rewards.


The production of my Travel Journals…



esoterica |ˌesəˈterikə|
esoteric or highly specialized subjects or publications.

A peculiar and highly personal periodical where I air out a piece of my mind.


Raw material, rants, philosophical ponderings, and brainstorms from the mundane to the metaphysical. This will begin as a limited edition magazine format publication similar to my travel journals. Like the travel journals they will be available for purchase through my website, Blurb, and Amazon. A patron-based support system through Patreon will be set up with unique offers, sneak peaks, and special materials for supporters.

Producing Esōterika…


Concepts, Collaborations, and CommissionsIMG_1076


If you are interested in commissioning me for writing, illustrating, or a collaboration please contact me with a proposal: