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Inspiring Learning in Nature:me_journaling

Exploring and observing the beautiful and meaningful intricacies of life forms has brought me joy since I was a kid. However, inspiring curiosity in others and sharing techniques for learning in nature brings me even more joy than pristine nature itself. I have tried many different nature connection techniques and schools of thought and so far, I firmly believe that nature journaling is the most powerful tool for learning in nature.

In addition to leading the monthly North Coast Nature Journal Club, I also teach classes and lead walks at several events and organizations. In 2017, I will be teaching a four session Nature Journaling class through Santa Rosa Junior College. It should be fun! Check it out here: Nature Journaling SRJC .

I’m working on publishing several compilations of my nature journals including journaling trips to the Ecuadorean Amazon, Costa Rica, and Tanzania (hopefully coming soon!)

I frequently post excerpts from my nature journal on my instagram


Illuminating Ideas42final_color:

Conveying  information through compelling and aesthetically pleasing words and images is one of my greatest passions. I have done freelance illustration and design projects for individuals, events, and organizations. I’m currently working on several nature-based children’s books and graphic novels. If you need someone to illustrate your story or flesh out a concept for you then contact me with your idea. I can also be commissioned for drawings, illustrations, and paintings.


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