My work

Inspiring Learning in Nature:

Observing plants and animals has always brought me joy. However, inspiring curiosity in others and sharing specific techniques for learning in nature brings me even more joy. That is why I am passionate about teaching groups and individuals; kids and adults.

In addition to leading monthly nature journaling outings with the North Coast Nature Journal Club, I also teach workshops and give lectures for home school groups, permaculture design classes, community colleges, and other institutions.  More about my services here.

A recent participant in one of my classes had this to say:

 Marley Peifer rocks as a naturalist guide – can’t say enough good things about this guy. He’s knowledgeable, inquisitive and passionate about Nature, and this inspires everyone participating in his tours. He’s also an accomplished journalist and will help you get going on your own work with his encouraging comments. Don’t miss a chance to go on his outings!


Intertropical Impressions:

Another project that I am passionately pursuing is an immersive exploration of the most critical biocultural stories on the planet. Over the next decade of my life I will visit the top ten most biodiverse countries on the planet, documenting  the endangered relationships between human cultures and  natural systems. In a synthesis of essays, photos, and illustrated field notes these Intertropical Impressions will provide a uniquely observant and evocative perspective. So far, I have started with Ecuador, Costa Rica, and Tanzania. You can own a piece of the first iteration and be a part of the project by buying Intertropical Impressions: Volume Three  here. The next regions on my list are Mexico, Brazil, and Indonesia. I aim to bring attention to the compelling human-nature interactions in these places as well as provide a lasting work of subjective biocultural ethnography for a near future when these traditions and the species they are connected to are likely to be extinct.



Kids in Nature:

Some of the most inspiring work that I do is with nature education for kids.  This work is very fulfilling and fruitful for me since I consider nature the ultimate repository of learning and I consider children the best learners. My role is to structure a safe environment for children to interact with nature while giving them tools to better understand the world around them.

Propagating Plants With a Purpose:

I am passionate about the plant kingdom and our human relationship with the botanical sources of food, fuel, medicine, etc. In other words I am a plant geek. Working at the nursery of the Occidental Arts and Ecology Center allows me to keep my hands accustomed to the physical work and my intellect stimulated by the overabundant diversity of plants. We often grow more than 75 varieties of tomatoes for our summer sale and propagate from seed or cutting more than 15 types of perennial leafy greens.

At home, I do a fair amount of gardening myself and I get to test out many of the unusual varieties and species from my work. Last winter, I harvested and ate five different species of perennial root vegetables from my garden most from different families.