My Services

General Rates:

For lectures or in the field workshops on nature observation, journaling, or wildlife tracking I ask for $500 for a full day. For half days I charge $300. Depending on the distance I may have to charge a travel fee.


For private lessons (youth or adult) I charge $50 an hour.

Prepared Talks:

“Open Your Eyes With Nature Journaling” In this 1.5 hour introductory talk, I present the many ways in which nature journaling has the potential to accelerate our learning and deepen our appreciation of the natural world. While tying in recent brain research, poetry, and philosophy I make the case why nature journaling is the most powerful tool for learning in nature. This class is available as an entirely indoor class or with a two hour outdoor component.

“Journaling: Still the Most Powerful Learning Technology” In this fun and thought-provoking 60 minute presentation I describe the many ways in which journaling can accelerate learning, sharpen attention, and increase creativity. Historical figures who used journals are mentioned and strategies for applying journaling to any subject are explored.

“Introduction to Nature Journaling for Kids” This 2 hour workshop begins in the classroom with a short and engaging talk that sets the stage for empowering kids to make their own discoveries. Next, the class turns hands-on as students are guided through several fun educational exercises with their own journals. This class works best if there is a school garden or other outdoor space where we can explore and practice.

“How Drawing Birds Can Make You a Better Birder” This 2 hour talk is designed to introduce birders to the game-changing benefits provided by sketching and nature journaling. Proven techniques are introduced along with a spectrum of techniques adapted to all skill levels.

“See More in Nature With Tracking” Do you want to take your nature observations to the next level? Do you want to see more animals and understand more of what is going on around you? I passionately propose that a tracking perspective is not only our human birthright but also the foundation of our ability to recognize patterns, make predictions, and practice scientific thinking in the modern world. In this 1.5 hour talk I provide personal examples, rich photos from around the world and universal principles that can be extrapolated to diverse fields. This class can also be extended with a 3 hour outdoor component.

“Tracking for Nature Journalers: The Secret Language of Nature” This 1.5 hour lecture is designed for people who are already nature journaling but want to see even more in nature. I will go over fundamental tracking knowledge, awareness exercises to make you more observant, and specific ways to enrich your journal pages with a tracking perspective. I also share photos, stories, and journal pages from tracking adventures on three continents. This class can also be extended with a 2 hour outdoor component.

“Art, Education, and Entrepreneurship: The Future of Employment” The rapidly changing economy of today demands new skills and attitudes. Unfortunately, much of our education system is still based in a model that was designed to meet the needs of the Industrial Revolution. How can we prepare the younger generations for jobs that do not even exist yet? In this 30 minute talk, I describe solutions to this problem and how I have approached the building of indispensable value for an uncertain future.


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