10 Landscape Painting Tips on a Hot Day!

Did you see my last video and want to learn more? In this one I share the technical side…Let me know where you are at in your learning journey. What do you need help with?


2 thoughts on “10 Landscape Painting Tips on a Hot Day!”

  1. Hi Marley,
    I found your website through CCNH. I see that you have a “Tracking for Journalers” class in Lafayette on 10/9. I have no experience in nature journaling, but would love to start. I’m not a “naturalist” by any means, but I have always loved nature, and have more knowledge than most people. I have some experience with water colors, but haven’t done any in many years. I have a VERY rudimentary knowledge of tracking: a close friend of mine is a certified animal tracker, and have done some informal tracking with her. So, my question is: would the TFJ class in Lafayette be too advanced for me? If so, do you teach any beginner-type classes? Can you suggest the best way to get started in nature journaling?
    Thanks so much

    1. Hello, Heidi. This class would be perfect for you. Most of the people will be new to tracking but have more experience as nature journalers. I recommend you bring a sketchbook and some basic drawing and writing tools. I think you will really enjoy the community of nature journalers that will be there. This would be a great start for you and you could meet friendly and like minded people in your area to inspire you. Please email me in the future if you want more info. I usually don’t get around to sroting through my website comments. –Marley

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