Nature Journal and Sketch at Balboa Park!

On December 21st I will be leading a completely FREE field trip at the world famous Balboa Park in San Diego! We will start at the Lily Pond and Botanical Building and sketch and botanize our way past the giant fig tree to the Desert garden on the other side of Park Avenue.

The goal of this field trip will be to bring together some of the sketchers and nature journalers that are in San Diego and have fun together in a beautiful place! We will mostly be looking at plants but be prepared for our curiosity and luck to lead us to pretty birds or bugs. For the instructional portion of the class I will give tips on designing attractive page layouts, keys to drawing trees, and drawing little landscapes.

We will meet at 10am at the Lily Pond. Look for people standing around with sketchbooks. Hold your sketchbook so that others will recognize you. Bring a hat, sunscreen, field sketching supplies, binoculars, plenty of water and a potluck item to share. Potluck will be at 12:30 near the fig tree in front of the Natural History Museum.

Our basic route for the day.

The best place to park is probably near the natural history museum. From there you can walk to the Lily Pond. This trip is scooter and wheelchair friendly, we will not hike long distances. It will probably be a crowded time of year so there will be a lot of people. As usual be prepared for stimulating your curiosity, sharpening your artistic skills, and having fun with like-minded people!

What I did This Winter

Happy new year everyone! I’m excited for all the cool plans I have for providing fun and valuable content and art this year. But to start with I’m gonna share this video to give you an idea of what I was up to during my winter break.